Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh man, when mom gets home we're gonna get it!

5:30pm PDT, May 6: The assimilated no-longer-scary lesbians have officially broken through something.

Marriage equality bills pass in two statehouses (Maine and New Hampshire), buoyed by majorities who couldn't vote against the cute kids and their moms--who kept mobbing their offices to ask nicely for their rights, often carrying baked goods.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans warn that Obama better not nominate a qualified, experienced expert on constitutional issues who also happens to have a case of the gays. Or that other one neither, because good Gawd, she is also a liberal prevert.

Literally on the same day. I kid you not.

That cracking sound? We have broken the Overton Window, but don't worry--we'll pay for it.

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