Friday, February 27, 2009

New Mexico's DP Bill Dies, Part 3: An open letter

Dear pragmatic negotiators,

Some compromises are not savvy, bottom-line solutions that take the best part of opposing ideas and leave both sides somewhat dissatisfied. We've all been there. Sometimes when you've wanted something very badly for a long time, you can forget that your willingness to overlook what's being sacrificed may result in finally getting it done--very badly.

If you need a visual representation of how to know when you're being snookered, try to figure out which of these people you are emulating.

As shown in the Archdiocesan-sponsored reverse auction of Feb. 2009, you can't bargain with people whose goals are so far away from yours.

It's like sitting down for a settlement conference and finding that one party wants a million dollars and the other side is prepared to offer ten: Pack up your briefcase, you're going to court.

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