Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Legislative roundup

It's all over but the howling. (Yes, that was a Lobo joke.)

The Governor, in his infinite patience, has now officially pissed on:
-The state Senate, who didn't pass the health care reform bill he wanted, amended like he wanted it;
-the state House, who stripped the teeth out of his health care reform bill because they want single payer and plan to hold their breath until they have it;
-the Lt Gov, who has been doing his job for him since January 2007 and can't get the State Police to provide her with the security the Senate budgeted, because Bill said no to it;
-the Attorney General, Gary King, who was happy to issue a finding that the Governor is not allowed to hide from the appropriations bill because he's at the Pit watching a Lobo basketball game;
-the Senate again, who are happy to see him in NM's highest court to resolve the question of whether the Governor can close up shop and head to the Pit in order to begin vetoing line items form the budget on his preferred schedule rather than the Senate's;
-The 400,000 New Mexicans who don't have health insurance and aren't going to get any until someone shows leadership in the form of compromise; and finally
-the gay couples who were counting on him to exert some leverage to get them family rights to each other's credit card debt.

No, I'm not an expert in who the folks are in that last category, in the sense that I haven't heard a riotous clamor in favor of the 'responsibilities' aspect of the Domestic Partnership Rights and Responsibilities Act', but they must be out there.

Details to come on health care reform, the sub-prime lending bill, the DP bill and the fun of having a Governor who thinks that he can work the process like a deadbeat avoiding service of process on foreclosure papers! I'm proud.

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