Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AZ constitutional amendment

At one time, this would have been a windmill not worth tilting at: The Arizona branch of Focus on the Fetus is once again pushing a bill to re-super-duper-power-ban same-sex marriages from being usable in AZ. This time the mechanism is an amendment to the state constitution to be approved by voters next fall.

Yes, the plan is to let the neighbors vote on who's your next of kin! Seriously! You're wondering, what ever happened to minding your own bidness, as my Grandpa Ed the Arizonan would have said it?

That MYOB hands-off stuff used to be part of the ethos of the west, and then Arizona (and southern CO) got full of refugees from SoCal who wanted cheaper houses and whiter schools.

Now it’s more of a hands-on, Republican-government-small-enough-to-fit-in-your-bedroom situation in which a bunch of tilt-up-church-going busybodies wear big hats and $400 boots while explaining the frontier spirit to the rest of us.

Since they are God’s Servants ™ they will continue carrying the amendment through the Lege until it’s on a ballot, and it won’t matter whether it’s on for the 08 election or not. McCain will carry AZ and whenever the no-gay-marriage amendment is presented to voters, they’ll approve it.

Despite having made a successful stand against the DP ban in AZ, the only fight against a referenda that we’ve ever won anywhere, even the LGBT equality orgs are clear that to oppose this thing is to waste Tim Gill’s hard-earned donations.

Not that we won’t fight it, because it’s going to be a nasty, id-filled vituperation of any family that isn’t mommy-daddy-homemade babies…but we’ll lose.

That’s the spirit, you’re thinking. Well, if I don’t got hope, maybe that’s because I got facts.