Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where to wave a sign?

Let's start with What Not to Wear: anything that expresses hostility to Mormons.

Yeah, they're underwear-worshipping god-botherers who are a danger to our civil society. It's a matter for IRS investigation that the donation records appear to show a national network gathering funds for a political goal--and that's called a PAC, not a church.

But why would we fool around with the Mormons at the street level? Yes, they interfered in politics illegally. But it's not up to them to restore our rights. I don't get picketing them--it validates and dignifies Mormon interference in the state's activities. While I understand their wish to control state law, I don't understand why we would behave as if our rights exist at their pleasure.

Their most effective lie is, These unreasonable queers are going to force us to marry them in our own CHURCH! Since that isn't true--churches run church weddings under their own rules--and isn't what we're demanding, it plays into their hands to protest their existence.

The greatest threat to organized religion isn't being victimized--that's its greatest marketing technique, you know--it's being ignored. So let's get started on that!

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