Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mmm, popcorn!

John McCain, the front-runner and presumed Republican nominee, has been described by the NY Times as having had problems with his campaign staff in 1999 related to his 'romantic relationship' with a lobbyist for the telecommunications industry. A lobbyist for whom he did a number of favors.

As one of my internet buddies put it: "McCain is a senile old dolt of a goat, easy prey for whoever gets his ear."

Yes, this particular goat seems quite vulnerable to any 30ish perky blond female. It was an issue when his first wife was recovering from an accident and 'gained some weight', when the goat was 40ish. Still worked 20 years later, according to this story. Probably works today.

Gosh, I'm glad nobody who wants undue influence over the CoC can possibly hire a perky 30ish blond to work in his office in any capacity whatsoever! Because that could be unhealthy for children and other living things.

Does the NYT and the rest of the liberal media need our help framing this story? Because it's not about the sex or the hypocrisy.

It's about the foolish old goat thinking that the perky blonde loves him for his inner sensitivity and would never manipulate him.

On a cultural-studies note: This story is sure to be a hit with the swing block known as Hispanic voters. 'Mira el cabron' is a familiar phrase, no? The narrative through which Hispanics are likely to read these facts is, Typical aging man who has power and money, he thinks he's still attractive to the young ladies for his looks and brawn. The fool, does he think he was the only one that lobbyist slept with? She's a woman of loose character and he's being led by his...nose.

Pop the palomitas, y'all, I'm calling my contact at the Spanish language daily in SoCal.

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