Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This afternoon I'll submit a report from a presentation on health care policy by Pam Hyde, Sec'y of HHS in New Mexico, to the Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI). 

Please note that the governor, who at this hour persists in the delusion that he may someday be VP (of this country; yes, I also want some of what he's smoking, see Digby for details on his new nickname, 'Anchor Baby' Richardson), has bragged at length about his health care policy throughout IA and NH. 400,000 New Mexicans went uninsured last year, in a state with just over 2 million residents. Secretary Hyde has an excellent reputation with the thousands of New Mexicans who work for the Department of Health, but is a political appointee.

Also note that the ACI is in favor of roads and vocational education, against a minimum wage, and generally represents the self-interested nasty side of capitalism as we know it. 

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