Saturday, January 12, 2008

And now, the liberals who LOVE Obama

Otherwise, the data shows that those under the age of 30 are voting in greater and greater numbers, and voting for Democrats when they do - they’ve given us the House and Senate and they may yet give us the presidency.

Or they might, if...

I don't even recall who I'm picking on here, but I'm going to do it anyway: Oh grow up.

Either they're aware of the time-bomb clusterfuck that has been imposed on us by 8 years of Republican rule, and desire to change their own futures while they still can, or they're not.

There is no 'if'.

Democrats would be crazy to entrust this election to the frequent non-voter populations. If unlikely voters really voted, Kinky Friedman would be the Gov. of Texas. The reasons unlikely voters fail to show up at the polls are structural, not impulsive. So suggesting that if Dems don't nominate the cool inspirational guy young people might not save the day down-ticket is the ultimate condescension.

And the reason no one takes young voters seriously is that someone else was offended by the statement of fact that Clinton's base is folks who need something done about the clusterfuck.

While you may not like it, those are the polls.

Because the 'some of my best friends are black' form of racism never wears out, we could have an interesting exchange of views about whether the second part of his statement might be equally accurate. I think it's a defensible proposition that Obama's base includes a lot of folks who think having a black friend in the White House would be like, post-racial and stuff.

However, since the polling data doesn't yet include 'Are you a white liberal who would like racism to be in the past while confronting exactly zero of your racist relative and friends about their racism, or even contemplating seriously how you benefit from white privilege?', I'm talking out of my...hat.

Whoever said that voting for Hillary on a secret ballot is painless, compared to confronting sexist jokes at work, has a really important insight about what's driving the support of both of our front-runners.